Here at 254 Multimedia LLC, or 254MM, we are in the business of "Making Dreams Reality" by artistically branding our client’s idea, or “Dream,” through traditional and/or digital media. Thus creating a visually “communicate-able” product that can generate revenue. We complete our promise of "Making Dreams Reality" by moving the “Dream” from the digital to full-physical “Reality” by the use of leading edge additive manufacturing technology, 3-D printing. If you must label our company… we are traditional/ digital artist, visual communicators, engineers, storytellers, freethinkers… Multi-Media craftsmen…



All "Dreams"

start with an idea, a sketch, or a doodle on a napkin.

Here at 254MM, we employ artists with a foundation in the traditional manual arts. From drawing with pencil on paper, sculpture, or industrial design. All artist have the skills of master illustrators, painters, and sculptors; thus providing a working knowledge in the principles of design for every project. Bottom-line, WE DO NOT DO CLIP ART!  Every piece is 100% original.

Our Services

Branding your Dream

Let us put a face to the name!

One of the most important things in the business world is your branded identity... Your Logo... a face to the name. Our artist have a unique gift for creating one-of-a-kind, highly recognizable/ communicable, symbolism based, image that will brand your dream with a face everyone will love.

Your Dream is now Reality

"Your Dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them"

                               -Walt Disney

There is a distinct pride in our work. We pour every bit of creative muse into each piece of art. Each creation has their own soul in our opinion. We are not happy till you are ecstatic about your dream's birth into reality.

Welcome to the real world

From digital to physical with digital prototyping and

3D Printing

There comes a time when science fiction is no longer and becomes science fact.


We can take a image and turn it into a working, hold-in-your-hand, money making product through the use of digital prototyping and additive manufacturing known as 3D Printing. ...don't believe in magic? Contact us and sit back and watch.

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